About Me

Artist bio

Ange Beever is a Toronto artist and maker, with a passion for creation and re-creation.

She earned a BFA Honours in Drawing and Painting from York University. Her focus shifted to an artisan business (BBJ) and art practice based in installation and performance with her wife (Trixie & Beever), eventually bringing elements of illustration into shared projects. Highlights include immersive set design and performance in The Beauty Salon and a few Rhubarb! Festivals at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, as well as productions with performance troupe The Scandelles, and visual art gallery group shows.

Her current studio is a glittery garage connected to a salon, eleven, where Ange has had two solo painting shows in 2018 and 2019. (2020 interrupted this plan too!)

Artist statement

After many years working as an independent artist in several types of creative projects, the development of Original Covers has allowed painting to move to the forefront of my work. Random pieces of thrift store art (often mass-produced decor from mid-to-late 20th century) collected over the years found during a studio move inspired this ongoing series.

My makeover work usually involves covering something up in existing prints and paintings, and adding new elements of whimsy and humour using acrylic paint and pencil crayon. Inspiration comes from the enjoyment created by absurdity and juxtaposition, and an eclectic array of objects including balloon animals, carousel horses, and sock puppets.

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